Summer School Institute

Discover The Morningside Model Of Generative Instruction


Attend weeks 1 and 2

July 8 – July 19, 2019

Every morning, SSI participants engage in a practicum, in which they serve as teaching assistants in one of our reading, writing or math summer school classrooms for children. They receive direction from the classroom teacher, as well as in-classroom coaching from our highly skilled SSI professional consultants. Every afternoon, participants attend workshops that teach the Morningside Model of Generative Instruction (MMGI).

MMGI workshops teach the 7 main aspects of MMGI, including 

(1) Introduction to Instructional Design

(2) Initial instruction, including Direct Instruction and other methods that conform to Tom Gilbert’s Mathetics

(3) Practice to fluency with celeration, focusing on Precision Teaching

(4) Application, focusing on reinforcer sampling and establishing operations that promote real-world application of the facts, concepts, principles, skills and strategies that the teacher directly taught

(5) How to design and sequence instruction to promote generativity. Instruction in generativity teaches students how to figure out how to do something that they have not been directly taught, based upon what they have been taught. Generativity procedures include our well-known reasoning technology, Talk Aloud Problem Solving (TAPS).

(6) How and when to probe their learners for evidence of generative behavior. Generativity probes assess whether students can engage in the upcoming lessons without instruction.

(7) We also devote three afternoon workshops to the best reading, math, and writing curricula to implement with MMGI.

Attend week 3

July 22 – July 26, 2019

Participation is open to behavior analysts and other program designers, including graduate students. Everyone must attend the first two weeks in order to be eligible for participation in the third week. Participants will be coached while designing a program that meets the needs of learners back home. Each participant will present their program design to the group for feedback.



How much does it cost?
Attend both Week 1 and Week 2 – cost is $2500 total
Add Week 3 – cost is $3500 total

NEW! Summer School Institute participants can add a two-day follow up coaching and consulting visit from Morningside Teachers’ Academy instructors at a discounted rate of $1500/day.

How to I find housing?
Morningside has reserved a block of rooms at the new state-of-the-art university residence hall next door. To share a double-occupancy room with a private bath, the rate is approximately 30 dollars per person per night; at a higher rate, there may be a few singles available. Graduate student scholarships may cover the cost of a shared double. Please contact Andrew Kieta for more information about housing options.

Do I qualify for a scholarship?
4-5 slots are reserved for graduate students each year. Please submit the following: CV, 1 or more letters of recommendation from professors, and an essay on how SSI advances your professional goals. Final decisions regarding scholarship occur in early June.

How do I apply?
Application is not open yet for the 2019 Summer School Institute, but will be very soon. Stay tuned!

Contact Dr. Kent Johnson or Andrew Kieta