Meet Our Staff

Julianne Campbell
Front Desk Coordinator
Julianne Campbell is the newest addition to Morningside Academy as our Front Desk Coordinator. Born and raised in the PNW, Julianne received a Bachelors degree in both Sociology and Pre-Physical Therapy from the University of Washington. She has been working with children for over 9 years as a swim instructor, ballet teacher, Pipeline Project tutor, and eventually in physical therapy. Before joining Morningside she was a physical therapy aide, gaining experience in assisting people of all ages with their rehabilitative needs. Currently, she is focusing her career goals toward counseling and school psychology. When she’s not at Morningside, Julianne spends most of her time on the water and at the beach, swimming, kayaking, or reading a good book.
Steve Dunnington
Steve Dunnington is a bookkeeper who works on contract with Morningside Academy two days a week since September of 2003. Steve also works with a number of other non-profit groups who do good work in the community. Steve works at Morningside most Monday though Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm.
Patrick Erbeck-McKinnion
Technology Director
Patrick joined Morningside in May of 2008 as the Director for Information Technology. Prior to that, he was a Field Engineer for a regional business to business Apple repair group, having moved to the Seattle area in 2007. He also has done turns with support at ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), at Weil Cornell Medical College in Qatar (Doha, Qatar), and at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. At Morningside, Patrick provides technology and audiovisual support services to faculty, staff, and students. Patrick took a degree in Psychology at California State University - San Marcos before going into computer support and repair. He holds both hardware and technical support certificates from Apple Computer. He is originally from Northern California, with stints in Hawaii, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Doha, Qatar. In his free time, spends time with his daughter, and indulges in hobbies such as the Society for Creative Anachronism (a historical recreation group with a focus in the Middle Ages), SF/F conventions, and other related activities. He also reads, cooks, plays the harp, and has altogether too many Lego sets. His favorite sports are horseback riding and curling, having become an avid curler after moving to the Pacific Northwest.
Aine O'Connor
Director of Operations
Aine O'Connor joined Morningside Academy in 2014 as the Director of Operations. Originally from the Olympic Peninsula, she earned her undergraduate degree in history and international studies from the University of Dallas and a Master's degree in modern European history from Loyola University Chicago After completing her studies, she returned to Seattle and launched an administrative career focusing on non-profit operations. Prior to Morningside she worked with an organization to improve foster care, working alongside young adults affected by the system. In her free time Aine enjoys spending time with her husband John and baby daughter Darla. She also loves loud family time with her four sisters and niece, reading, and experimenting with vegan cooking.
Tim Smith
Administration and Facilities Director
Tim Smith has been with Morningside for over 15 years, serving in many roles. Tim manages Morningside's facilities, and leads the after school art program every Thursday - a Morningside favorite!
Alan Szech
Admissions Director
Alan Szech , Director of Admissions, started his educational career as a special education teacher in Colorado. He earned a BA in Marketing and International Business from the University of Iowa, a MA in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado, and completed a Principal Licensure program at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Alan enjoys writing fiction and non-fiction and spends most weekends outdoors, hiking, camping, and fishing. He joined the Morningside team in 2013. Like many of the students Alan looks forward to lunch and recess!
Blue Lazarou
Director of Development
Raised in Seattle, Blue first came to Morningside as a student in 1982. She returned as a parent in 2008 and now returning once again as Director of Development! After working in the international shipping industry, Blue moved on to become a stay at home Mother. She has always enjoyed volunteering and helping in her community. Several years ago, Blue went from volunteering to working for nonprofits. She is now honored to have the opportunity to bring her expertise to Morningside. Blue invites Morningside families and alumni to join us to continue to build our fabulous community! Her job is to fund the needs of the school, but can’t do it without you. Together, we can build community and have a lot of fun doing it. Blue looks forward to getting to know you and your children!